At Stair Materials, we believe in doing only one thing, and doing it tremendously well – and that’s providing our customers with the industry’s best hardwood and metal stair components alongside equally impressive customer service.

We’ve spent more than 10 years supplying both standard and custom stair components to customers across all 50 states, and we’ve also begun to break into international markets thanks to our increasingly desirable offerings and our long-standing reputation for supplying a premium-quality product. We know you have an abundance of options when it comes to outfitting the interior of your home, and we’re glad you’re taking to the time to find out more about us. Here’s why we feel we’re a cut-above when it comes to supplying top-notch parts for both commercial and residential staircase designs.

Variety, Variety, Variety

We’ve all heard that “variety is the spice of life,” and when it comes to your home’s interior, we’re inclined to agree. At Stair Materials, we offer a near-endless array of both exotic and domestic wood species, including:

· Poplar

· Santos Mahogany

· White Hard Maple

· American Black Walnut

· Select Yellow Pine

· And many, many more
Unlike most stores, which are limited in terms of what they can offer, we either stock what you need or can more than likely get or create it for you. While we have options galore when it comes to wood, we also offer a broad variety of superior iron spindles in an array of seven different finishes. You can further customize your stairs’ look and feel by choosing from an array of different iron balusters or sending in a complete piece of your own we can then make a custom match for, so when we say the options are near-endless, we really mean it. If you can envision it, odds are, we can make it happen, so send us your exact specifications and wait and see what we’re able to come up with.

We’re Here to Help

Simply put, stairs are our passion. They’re our bread-and-butter; our babies. We’d also like to think we know a thing or two – or a thousand – about every aspect of them thanks to ample time in the business, so consider us a great resource for any questions that may arise during your construction process. Whether you’re a contractor, a DIYer or someone who falls into neither category, we’re here to help.