Increasingly, folks who want to update and upgrade their homes are turning to staircase transformations, which can give your home a considerable style and architectural boost without busting your budget or creating a months-long construction zone. A new and improved staircase design can transform your stairs from something you use simply to navigate between floors into a stunning focal point and conversation piece that reflects you and your family’s unique preferences and personality. Here’s a look at some of today’s hottest staircase trends, so you can enhance your home’s value while giving it some serious interior curb appeal at the same time.

Dark Statement Stairs

Generally, wooden stairs with medium-to-dark stains are better at hiding dirt and damage than lighter varieties, and dark woods also help make a space look larger, say today’s leading interior designers. It’s wise to take care not to go too dark, however – it’s best to utilize a hue that serves as a continuation of existing wood floors in an effort to maintain consistency throughout the home.

White Beach-Style Staircases

Great for homes with lots of natural sunlight as well as for anyone who wants to lighten up their daily lives, white, beach-style staircases are popping up all over the place, and not just along the coast. For a more attention-grabbing look, consider getting risers in a variety of shades of one single color – perhaps blue, in a continuation of the coastal theme.

Craftsman-Style Stairs

What’s old is new again, with craftsman-style stairs making a serious comeback. Clean, classic and appropriate for many older and newer homes alike, traditional craftsman-style stairs rely on straight lines and simple designs. Dark cherry wood and bright white is a popular craftsman combination, though the original models are typically oak wood stained very, very dark.

Enhance your home’s style quotient by utilizing today’s top staircase trends, and take interior design to an entirely new level.